If your interested in old ships and things this little film might be of interest.Over the last few months have been doing a few trips on an old coaster, the ‘James Jackson Grundy’ skippered by a friend Stuart Wood, carrying 450 tons of grain from Liverpool docks, up the Mersey River, along the Manchester Ship Canal and up the narrow River Weaver to Frodsham in Cheshire. We never realise what it entails just to make that simple loaf of bread!

Luckily I took a camcorder along and did a bit of videoing on one of the trips last summer as the old ship is now out of service and possibly might never chuff up the Mersey again. An attractive young lady, a professional film editor for the BBC offered to cobble a few bits of the video together and make it into a presentable little film. Even adding music!  A bit shaky but interesting.

The ‘James Jackson Grundy’ was built by Yarwoods of Northwich in 1946. It is now laid up and with the barge Panary, seen in the film, they are probably amongst the oldest working ships in Britain. The Panary was built in the thirties.


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